To This Website Based On My Favourite Series Ever Made. I'm Going To Talk A Little About It, Because I Doubt You Have Heard Of It. I have the best obscure taste on the internet after all.

Before we begin, I want to make it clear I am vehemently against the practise of sodomy. You may find some interpretations "Relatable" because you are some sort of rugmuncher or friend of dorothy, and you think wesley is "just like you" and is "Repressing his sexuality" because you project your lack of balls to come out to your family on your two dimensional sexdolls. But no. I am actually roasting them. And I want you to see my vision of "Pathetic Men" and your "Blord Bos" being the scum of the earth. The bottomfeeders of man-Kind. They are disgusting, as are you. Once you realise this, you will achieve the enlightenment you dream of.

Once you have learned this important piece of information. you may proceed. by clicking on this link below. It's large and vibrant so you can't miss it. I assume that if you have any sort of interest in this series you are on one of the extremes of the iQ scale.

And if you want to learn more about me. well. firstly you are a freak and i want nothing to do with you. secondly, you can click on this button,.